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Along with the global environment worsening, The concept of low carbon more thorough popular feeling, Chinas commitment to realize the sustainable development mode to low carbon economic transition. The key to successful transition of environment is always takes responsible attitude, Using sustainable of clean energy technology, And finally makes China gradually in low carbon environment under the premise of fully satisfy energy requirements In numerous clean energy technology, advanced solar photovoltaic technologies to achieve this goal is one of the important solutions
FUDA solar power Co., LTD, as a famous manufacturer, specializing in pv solar modules In the environmental protection level, with global experience, high quality and the process of technological innovation, We design the effective protection of photovoltaic module, etc Hand due to high productivity and safety and reliability, our company can meet the needs of public companies, On the other hand, we also produce clean pv meets the consumers needs and environmental protection, Through the reasonable design and synthesis of energy management framework, we believe that the future will be more clean environment.
The sustainable development of technology in evaluation and effectively solve the problem of climate change, apart from economic factors, we must consider that environmental impact, From the product life cycle, the advanced solar technology can bring considerable environmental benefits. Real clean energy technology, not only mean decrease in the production and use of stage, and environmental impact on the product life cycle from all the links- the raw materials and products from actual, production, and the use of waste disposal - will minimize environmental impact. Company promises to high responsibility for environmental and economic contribution to sustainable development.



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72 mono crystalline silicon cell 156mm*156mm
72 mono crystalline silicon cell 125mm*125mm
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