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career - Today I stand where is not important, the important is your next step towards.
We focus on the development of each staff.
With economic globalization, World closer together ,Fields of globalization and competition. Chinas accession to the WTO, every Chinese immediately into the information age, enjoy abundant resources, but more is facing serious challenges. The new age we need new talent , also must accept new ideas, new ways to exercise myself. in fuda we seriously focus on the personal comprehensive quality, also offer a very good all-round development platform.
The youth people hard to find a job, generally have three kinds: one is the lack of job-hunting tips, Second is the lack of competitiveness of employment, The third kind of people I think the worst they think only for survival is shameful. FUDA in the a-si, whether you are secondary or graduate, as long as you work hard, would reap rich fruits.

Today I stand where is not important, the important is your next step towards FUDA solar is a professional high-tech enterprise of new energy. We specialize in high efficient SPV modules  ,solar cells, SPV inverters and SPV inverters and SPV system integration ,we devote to the solar, wind, geo-thermal energy technology research, provide the most reliable, the most cost-effective solutions to clean energy.
Please post your resume to , so we have the appropriate position in contact with you. We sincerely invite you to join together to create the bright future, and improving human life for yourself in the global green energy company achievement of personal career dream.

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72 mono crystalline silicon cell 156mm*156mm
72 mono crystalline silicon cell 125mm*125mm
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